Search engine optimization can help increase your website ranking in search engines. While ranking isn’t as important as having a good website presence for visitors, it’s no use having a website if potential customers can’t find you either. Search engine optimization, or SEO, can help target your website to promote your business and benefit your customers. To be effective, SEO requires time, patience, and a lot of research. Like many things in life, it is a process which takes time and maintenance to stay current.

Here are some websites I have optimized, where they were, and where they are now. Some are still in process, but significant, organic ranking improvement has been achieved:

Case Study #1: Lavinia and Associates – database design, Austin, TX.
Current ranking: #1 in Google for the targeted keywords. This is great because this is basically a one page website. This is not always easy to achieve with a one page site, however, Lavinia and Associates is quite specialized so achieving good search engine ranking was easier.

Case Study #2: Austin Granite Company – custom granite and marble, Del Valle, TX.
Current ranking: #4 on page 2 in Google for target keywords. Austin Granite Company has a lot of competition, about 1,100,000 results in Google for their current keywords. Before the current round of optimization, Austin Granite Company was coming up at about page 5. We missed the target in the first go around and after digging into our keywords a little deeper, they have moved up to page 2 of Google. So while this is still a work in progress, improvement has definitely been achieved.

Case Study #3: A1 Locksmith and Wholesale Safes – locksmith services, wholesale safes, and vaults, Austin, TX. Well, this has been a labor of love. A1 Locksmith began with a simple one page site. With tons of competition for “locksmith services” in Austin, we were getting smothered by larger websites and we needed another approach. While tracking the site I noticed A1 Locksmith getting a lot of traffic for their safes and vaults, another major focus of their business. So we built another page for the site, focusing on the safes and vaults. They are now ranked #2 on page 1 of Google for their current keywords and more changes are on the way.

Current SEO project: Al Michaels Floors

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